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G'day Hisham,

Thank you, as always for your work writing, coordinating
and managing LuaRocks.

This message should come as no surprise:  It's the usual
"complaint"? that on the front page of, the
"Quick Start" code example block still names
"luarocks-3.9.1" instead of "luarocks-3.9.2" in the
tarball and also the "cd" command.

Incidentally, you might like to change the Lua version in
the example to 5.4.4:

        $ lua
        Lua 5.4.4  Copyright (C) 1994-2022, PUC-Rio

Incidentally, I've already updated my private repository
of "lglicua" to have 3.9.2 as the "latest stable" version,
and I'm pleased to report that nothing seems to be broken.
I'm now running 3.9.2 on my main development machine.
This includes working (trivial test only) with each of
Lua 5.1.5 / 5.2.4 / 5.3.5 / 5.4.4.

I hope to release another version (0.1-alpha7?) of
lglicua sometime soon with these minor changes, but
outside priorities may force a delay.


sur-behoffski (Brenton Hoff)
programmer, Grouse Software