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Hello list,

I'm happy to announce a new release of LuaRocks, the package manager
for Lua. This is a minor maintenance release, with no major features.

What's new in LuaRocks 3.9.2:

* Configuration now honors typical compiler environment variables
  for all build backends:
  * `MAKE`, `CC`, `AR`, `RANLIB` on Unix
  * `MAKE`, `CC`, `AR`, `WINDRES`, `LINK`, `MT` on Windows
* `builtin` build mode now supports Clang on Windows
* `luarocks test` now checks/installs all dependency kinds
  (build, runtime, test), so you don't need to run
  `luarocks make --only-deps` in CI environments to get all
  dependencies needed to run a test
* MinGW: default to x86_64 compiler on 64-bit platforms
* Fixed crash if `variables.LUA*` are unset in configuration
* Fix `luarocks test --prepare` behavior for non-Busted tests
* Internal API fixes
  * `path.path_to_module`: accept custom file extensions in
    package path variables
  * `persist.save_from_table`: ensure directory exists when
    saving a file

LuaRocks 3.9.2 contains new commits by Caleb Maclennan, Sergey
Bronnikov, Pierre Chapuis, Apoorv Sachan, @Artturin, and Hisham
Muhammad. You can find detailed credits in the Git history.

You can find all links for installation at —
source packages for all supported platforms and binaries for Windows
(32 and 64 bit) as well as Linux x86-64 are available.

Special thanks go to Kong <> and
<> for their continued commitment to open source,
sponsoring the maintenance of the LuaRocks in various ways. If your
company is interested in sponsoring the maintenance of LuaRocks and/or
a support contract, feel free to contact me off-list at


-- Hisham