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It was thus said that the Great Michael Magan once stated:
> I'm trying to create a Lua program that:
> - Can parse a large XML file

  How large is large?  Are we talking about 100MB in size?  GB in size? 
10GB?  100GB?  And what is the purpose of parsing the XML file?  To extract
certain data?  Verify it?  Manipulate it?

> - Can easily be distributed to other (less technical) users, using Mac
> or Windows

  I have in the past built executables out of Lua code [1], but it assumes
you can compile and link all the code into a single executable.  The method
I came up with works for Mac, but I don't use Windows so I don't know the
ins and outs of replicating the results there.  


[1]	Based on these posts: