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Am Mi., 23. Nov. 2022 um 17:51 Uhr schrieb Albert Krewinkel

> | Term                | Repositories |
> |---------------------+--------------|
> | nvim                | 8,807        |
> | awesomewm           | 403          |
> | hammerspoon         | 364          |
> | löve                | 354          |
> | openresty           | 147          |

Thank you, what a nice and interesting list, I just looked at the
neovim homepage, really a bit interesting ... .

(just I am still somehow Lua starter, and it is so cumbersome to
"think into" details of other library methodology... but on start it
has a nice short survey about becularities of Lua for "new users").

BTW I found that codewars is also a very smart and nice location to
improve knowledge in Lua programming. You always get small tasks which
you can solve, And after answer (or after "give up") you can look at
other answers / rate them / look at the best answers.

And it includes quite a nice editor and test machine to test the
programs online, so that you immediately see whether your result fine
or not... . And you can specify approximately, which "field of
applications" you would like to look at... . It is also reasonably
good suited for motivated trainees to my experience... .