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Thanks for a great article. I like how you have been able to help the compiler optimizatons with your very sets of code that is managed by Deegen.

I will say as a fan of the TV show "Letterkenny" that the Degens from Upcountry (short for "degenerates") are an unorganized group of louts, but yours are very clever.

Thanks for all the links, it was a nice hour of reading with side trips into other parts of Lua and other implementations.

Question: I know you ran for speed, did you also run the test suite to make sure that it runs for accuracy, the programs get the same results under both runtimes?

Question: Will you try to build a Lua 5.4.4 level runtime?

Question: When looking at LuaJIT you have better performance across the board. Do you expect to pick up that much more by JIT processing? Is that hill going to be worth the climb.

Question: I must have missed it, what's the memory size of your run time vs stock Lua?

Thanks for what turned out to be a happy Tuesday of reading!