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nice job!

graceful syntax!


---- Em Ter, 11 out 2022 05:47:56 -0300 Pierre Chapuis <> escreveu ---

Hello everyone,

Roberto's talk at the workshop made me want to try the current state of Pallene [1].

In case others want to try it too, I have added support for its development branch to [2].

This morning I have ported a "real" piece of code to it. I picked the back-propagation algorithm from a toy Recurrent Neural Network I wrote in Teal [3] and absolutely did not optimize on purpose - i.e. matrices are implemented as {{number}}.

I won't publish this code (at least not now) but porting from Teal was straightforward - basically replacing instances of "number" with "float" and tweaking a few things. I just had to add a small Teal type signature file ( so I can call the Pallene code from Teal. This straightforward port gave me a 4x speedup (compared to Teal but that is basically plain Lua).


Pierre Chapuis