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Em 11/10/2022 10:47, Pierre Chapuis escreveu:
Hello everyone,

Roberto's talk at the workshop made me want to try the current state of Pallene [1].

In case others want to try it too, I have added support for its development branch to [2].

Hi Pierre, it's great to hear that you did this! I have recently been working towards making Pallene easier to install, including disentangling the compiler itself from the custom Lua build, and I'm excited to hear that this work has been fruitful.


Do you have suggestions for what would be a good way for us to solve that CFLAGS problem? One idea I have been experimenting with in the development branch is to teach Pallene to invoke the C compiler through Luarocks. Luarocks knows how to compile on several operating systems (not just Linux, which is the only supported one currently) and Luarocks also knows the right CFLAGS. That said, it also feels a bit like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole because Luarocks wants to build a whole rock, not individual files...

-- Hugo