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Le mer. 12 oct. 2022 à 00:00, Eric Wing <> a écrit :
On 10/11/22, Pierre Chapuis <> wrote:

I have a variant of the above run that utilizes Lua Lanes, but I was
unable to use it for this benchmark because I was getting segmentation
faults with (only) LuaJIT on that code. This might be another subtle
advantage for Pallene because I have no idea how to debug this kind of
problem with LuaJIT.

I can't say for sure, but usually when I had crashes when mixing Lanes and LuaJIT it had to do with the LuaJIT memory allocator not being threadsafe, and therefore to select the "protected" allocator mode (see Lanes documentation). Lanes tries to detect luajit automatically, maybe it is failing when run with Pallene? You could then force the "protected" allocator mode yourself.