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Ruki Wang wrote:

> The msvc toolchain should be used by default. Can you run
xmake f -c -vD

F:\MinGW32\src\LUA\TBoox> xmake f -c -vD
checking for platform ... mingw
checking for architecture ... x86_64
checking for mingw directory ... f:\MinGW32
checking for unzip ... ok
checking for git ... ok
checking for gzip ... ok
checking for tar ... ok
checking for ping ... ok
pinging for the host( ... 34 ms
pinging for the host( ... 14 ms
pinging for the host( ... 252 ms
git rev-parse HEAD
finding lua from xmake ..
checking for xmake::lua ... no
finding lua from pacman ..
checkinfo: cannot runv(pacman --version), No such file or directory
checking for pacman ... no
checking for pacman::lua ... no
finding lua51 from pacman ..
checking for pacman::lua51 ... no
finding lua from vcpkg ..
finding lua from conan ..
checking for lua ... no
finding ncurses from xmake ..
checking for xmake::ncurses ... no
finding ncurses from vcpkg ..
finding ncurses from conan ..
checking for ncurses ... no
note: the following packages are unsupported on mingw/x86_64:
  -> ncurses 6.3
error: @programdir\core\main.lua:280: stack traceback:
    [C]: in function 'error'
    [C]: in function 'xpcall'
    [@programdir\core\base\task.lua:501]: in function 'run'
    [@programdir\core\main.lua:278]: in function 'cotask'

stack traceback:
        [C]: in function 'error'
        @programdir\core\base\os.lua:890: in function 'os.raiselevel'
        (...tail calls...)
        @programdir\core\main.lua:280: in upvalue 'cotask'
        @programdir\core\base\scheduler.lua:388: in function <@programdir\core\base\scheduler.lua:385>


How obfuscated must it really be?