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Thank you - funny somehow ... If you check by timing, it is quite
clear that all interpreter languages are at the end here.

... and of course "as usual" they are testing benchmark programs which
run "myriads of for loops", which is even worse for a "flexible
interpreter language" like Lua.

I strongly assume, that these tests also require some sort of
operating system, at least RTOS.

That you need much larger base computing system for nearly all other
languages than Lua (which will run fine on a energy saving optimized
STM32L4 controller with 150kB ROM and 64kB RAM) is not even touched in
this report... probably this is made by people who are not really
aware what microcontroller, or even energy saving microcontroller are
:). I do not know any other iinterpreter language which allows direct
"ASCII source file feeding" than Lua which would do this.

(if you do NOT require "ASCII source file feeding", then of course on
such a microcontroller you could also use some RTOS and C ... but as
well you could use Lua and C...).

Am Di., 13. Sept. 2022 um 18:42 Uhr schrieb Milind Gupta
> Saw this post on LinkedIn. I was a bit surprised by the results. Haven't looked in detail though.