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>  The app?  Or the sample code you provided?

Both - the app I'm referring to is just the sample code. The actual program is many times more complicated so I'm testing everything with the very simple sample app and am able to reproduce the issue easily with that.

>  If you are using Linux, could you run the app under valgrind?  It will take longer, but it should reveal some issues.

I'll try with valgrind.

>  I'd be interested in seeing what the "dangerous" modules are.

We run Lua on an embedded system with user supplied scripts so mostly it's just disallowing things like os.exec() and sandboxing file io to specific directories. 
>   My experience in such things will automatically go towards memory corruption 
> (which valgrind will show) or issues with > multithreading [1] (which also tend towards memory corruption).  

My assumption is memory corruption as well but the complete program that crashes is what I included in the initial email. I'll run it through valgrind and see if anything turns up. The sample code also doesn't use any signal handlers. I guess it's possible that Lua does internally.