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Technically yes, you need an interpreter to run Lua, so wherever you want to deploy your Lua program, there needs to be an interpreter there.  But as to whether you must bundle a standalone interpreter (which I think is what your question might be asking?) depends on how/where you are deploying your Lua program.  If you are distributing to users you could just tell them to install the right version of Lua first before they use your code; you don't necessarily have to bundle it yourself.  If Lua is embedded into a larger program in another language, then that program will have the Lua interpreter linked into it statically.

On Sun, Aug 7, 2022 at 7:26 AM mystery_ace <> wrote:
Good evening y'all,

According to my Computer science teacher, interpreted languages such as Lua must be "bundled/wrapped with the interpreter" if you want to distribute the program such that it can be run on other devices that don't have lua installed.

1. Is he correct?
2. How exactly does one "bundle" or "wrap" lua with its interpreter?