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please excuse very much, that I was absent in forum for 1 month. (I am the main organizer  together with Furtwangen university game lab, and I unfortunately had to change my GMail address, Gmail killed my flyer31@gmail account 1 month ago, as I had a strange Paypal event in some hotel wifi during travel, very nerving.) My new account now is this ( (I have used the names flyer31 and bil til before ...).

I only now made this new account in Lua forum, and I just recognized the questions of Andrew Starks and Dibyendu concerning the workshop, please excuse that I re-registered in the forum here so late, I somehow was a bit shocked first by this Gmail action.

The Lua workshop in Freiburg will be one complete day (Monday, Oct. 10).

The place is in the electronics high school "Walter-Rathenau Schule" in Freiburg, which is in 200m foot distance from Freiburg Central Railway station (EVERY train between Basel and Mannheim/Frankfurt will stop at this station, also ALL fast ICE trains, several in each hour). The school reserved their presensation hall in ground floor for us the complete day, this is a very nice presentation hall.

We plan the schedule now like this:
- Startup 8h30 or 9h00 with such "2 minute" short introduction presentations" of all attendees who agreed to this (most said yes, no video).
- 10h00-10h30 introduction coffee break.
- 10h30-12h00 presentation of Roberto including 30-40 min discussion. (we put this only to 10h30, so that people with only 4-5 hour travel time could consider to travel/ arrive only on Monday morning, and still "catch" the presentation of Roberto, Roberto's presentation will be recorded by video and put to YouTube ... later).
- 12h00-13h00 short lunch
- 13h00-17h00 afternoon talks and discussions, including 1 further coffee break. (presentation time slots defined by presenters, also whether they allow video or not, see info below).

18h00: evening event in some nice beer garden / hall in Freiburg (all drinks + food included in conference fee). (We will propose a beergarden with moderate prices to meet in Freiburg city already on Sunday evening, for all who like this idea / who arrive already on evening before - on this Sunday evening then please anybody should pay by themselves.... but all drinks+food on Monday should be included in the conference fee).

For the afternoon we are lucky about ALL presentation proposals by the attendees. Every person who wants to give a presentation, please check the "Lua_Presenation_application_Lua2020.pdf" (Lua_Presentation_application_Lua2020.pdf ( Please send this to us filled out (doc also available if you prefer). ( The time slot, which you need / prefer please specify yourself (between 5 min presentation + 5 min discussion ... 30min presentation + 15 min discussion, as you prefer).

Of course all conference fee paid already in 2020 will keep valid - you will get an Email until tomorrow. Thank you for all who paid already. Your application will be valid only, after your payment has arrived, please understand.

Please understand, that we can NOT accept more than ca. 50 attendees due to room restrictions - after our list has reached 50 attendees we will close the list, please understand.

Please book your hotel soon, Freiburg is a very popular tourist and conference place complete spring - summer - autumn. Please be careful. This Freiburg is "Freiburg im Breisgau", in Germany, State Baden-Württemberg, Black Forest area. Do NOT mix up with "Freiburg" in canton "Freiburg" in Switzerland (300km more south in French part of Switzerland, south of Bern)).

You should book your hotel VERY soon I am afraid. I am quite shocked, that just now the big hotel booking sites like do NOT show any available hotels any more for Oct. 9-11 (but many hotels in Freiburg refuse to give rooms to them, as they know that they will anyway fill their rooms by themselves... on you still find, but quite high price... there is also a nice camp site in Freiburg city area and a nice youth hostel, and many AirBnB, you might also check this - see the "travel recommodations pdf" on the Lua workshop page).

Freiburg is a very nice and compact city, you can do ALL by foot, it also has very good public tramway / bus system. You do NOT need rental car, if you arrive to Freiburg by train.

Looking forward to see you all on October 10 in Freiburg!