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> On 30 Jul 2022, at 13:01, Paul Ducklin <> wrote:
>>> Would be nice if the project could be
>>> resimplified to avoid the
>>> dependencies on binaryheap and
>>> timerwheel.
>> What is wrong with the binaryheap 
>> and timerwheel dependencies?
> Nothing. I merely suggested that it would be nice if the dependencies could be avoided, as in the original version of Copas (a single Lua source file) for the sake of simplicity.

The simplicity will come at a significant cost. Both libraries do one thing and do it well. Each on its own probably has more test cases than Copas. So combining those into Copas might be “simple” for user perspective, but will put the burden on the maintainers to duplicate the code (and tests).

I get the comment though. I don’t like the NPM ecosystem where each module pulls in everything-but-the-kitchensink. The Lua community traditionally has a “roll your own” mindset, but in cases like this I prefer the reliability of the external modules.