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Disclaimer:  I don't use this project at all, as I have written my own
version of it.  

It was thus said that the Great Paul Ducklin once stated:
> Would be nice if the project could be resimplified to avoid the
> dependencies on binaryheap and timerwheel.

  What is wrong with the binaryheap and timerwheel dependencies?  I suspect
(not using the code but having written my own) that these are used to
implement timeouts (and possibly a sleep() function).  

> Appreciate the desire to add efficiency, scalability and so on, but given
> that LuaSocket and Copas still seem to be tied to select(), I’m not sure
> that’s terribly useful.

  I suspect it's because of Windows (Windows!!!!!) only supporting select()
(my guess).  It took me a while to support options other than select() in my
own module [1][2].


[1]	It supports kqueue() (for Mac OS and other BSD-derived Unix
	systems), epoll() (Linux), poll() (for other POSIX systems) and
	select() (in case all others fail), and works for Lua 5.1 or higher.
	It is not, however, available via LuaRocks.