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Hi Jacob,

This is an interesting job. If it was proposed last year I would easily apply, because I was a PHP programmer for quite some time.

So, this is basically a fullstack opportunity, two questions:
- You write about vanilla _javascript_, there is no _javascript_ framework? (like Vue, more for standardization)
- Looks like you will be using Moonstalk on backend for Lua, is it right?
- There will be some database work too?


Hector Vido

Em quinta-feira, 7 de julho de 2022 03:02:10 BRT, Jacob Jay <> escreveu:

I never seen many job posts on this list, which makes me wonder about availability of candidates (or demand for), and whether it's just best to coach a candidate from say NodeJS, however I hope there's maybe some folks whom are already familiar with web projects yet also interested in Lua. :)

I've recently joined a company whose systems I'm migrating from the impracticalities of WooCommerce to bespoke using OpenResty and Tarantool, with a bootstrapped framework.

To help with this I've a role that ideally requires good vanilla _javascript_ and CSS as would be mainly creating views with controllers, and some procedures. As we'd both be fullstack I'd be open to  redistributing tasks between. Shell/Git experience helpful. Starting in 2-3 weeks (flexible).

I can consider either:

a. junior/mid (with coaching) as a long-term retainer on 2+ days/week (starting f/t) for €1–3.000
b. mid-weight as short-term for a couple of months, ~3 weeks/month; advise your rates

The company is a Geneva-based startup preparing meals on subscription for a growing number of customers.

To begin we're building backend and frontend for customer site, then an ERP system, and expanded product offerings. Some UTC+1 overlap with mornings or afternoons is needed.

Interested? Just let me know and I'll look forward to hearing more about you!