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I never seen many job posts on this list, which makes me wonder about availability of candidates (or demand for), and whether it's just best to coach a candidate from say NodeJS, however I hope there's maybe some folks whom are already familiar with web projects yet also interested in Lua. :)

I've recently joined a company whose systems I'm migrating from the impracticalities of WooCommerce to bespoke using OpenResty and Tarantool, with a bootstrapped framework.

To help with this I've a role that ideally requires good vanilla JavaScript and CSS as would be mainly creating views with controllers, and some procedures. As we'd both be fullstack I'd be open to  redistributing tasks between. Shell/Git experience helpful. Starting in 2-3 weeks (flexible).

I can consider either:

a. junior/mid (with coaching) as a long-term retainer on 2+ days/week (starting f/t) for €1–3.000
b. mid-weight as short-term for a couple of months, ~3 weeks/month; advise your rates

The company is a Geneva-based startup preparing meals on subscription for a growing number of customers.

To begin we're building backend and frontend for customer site, then an ERP system, and expanded product offerings. Some UTC+1 overlap with mornings or afternoons is needed.

Interested? Just let me know and I'll look forward to hearing more about you!