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On 01/07/2022 9:39, Sergey Zakharchenko wrote:

Your symbols are exported by default (which is likely contrary to your
Windows experience) and I would guess a collision between e.g. the
'methods' symbol in the library and the larger program (or a
neighbouring library); not really Lua-specific. Suggest renaming to

I understand that there's a collision and that renaming 'methods' may solve the problem.
However AFAIK C-files are compiled one-by-one and the argument 'methods' in
    luaL_register(L, NULL, methods);
should have been resolved at compile time because the compiler sees its definition above.

What I'd like to understand is why the real behavior is different and how to prevent such troubles in the future.
So the 2 questions remain:
1. Whether the lack of the word 'static' is a bug here?
2. Does some GCC switch exist to prevent such behavior?