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I have been researching the proper way to set up debugging with Lua 5.4 for several days now.

At first I thought I would stay with the EmmyLua Plugin for the JetBrains' IDE, IntelliJ but could not figure out for the life of me how to set this up.

Going with the ZeroBrane Lua Studio, I can set this up if I can get hold of the properly compiled LuaSocket assemblies so they can be added into the ZeroBrain Studio's file system.

Problem is, I cannot find these anywhere and the only thing that appears to be available in this vein is the LuaSocket source code at

Unfortunately, I am not a C++ programmer so though I got fairly far in getting these source files compiled with MIcrosoft's Visual++ (Visual Studio 2019)  I am down to linker errors, which I have not been able to resolve.

Can anyone assist me in getting a hold of the all the necessary files including the compiled assemblies for LuaSocket?

Thank you...

Steve Naidamast
  Sr. Software Engineer