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Hi all,
so from our organizer side in local organizing team all fine now - we
just met - we look forward to welcome you all in October in Freiburg!

I was very happy, when Roberto told me last weekend that he is looking
forward to the date in October and will do the best to come.

The date October 11 is nice for the Rio people, as Oct. 12 is an
important National Holiday in Brazil, so this week is nice for the
university people to do a travel.

If a new Corona wave came in the last years, it was typically with
start of winter weather, more end of October, so "Corona historically"
this date really should be fine I hope. Currently situation in Germany
has relaxed completely fortunately, masks only required in public
tranport (but not very strict any more), and for senior homes /
hospital visits of course, or in some public buildings where the owner
want this. There was a very high infection peak in Jan-March, but
somehow mainly "not so critical Omikron", and 80% in Germany are
vaccinated meanwhile. The hospital numbers in this spring kept very
low and were going down continuously now, and no April-May wave
anymore (which came up 1 year ago). Just our very strict health
minister Mr. Lauterbach proclaimed a "killer virus version" for the
autumn 1-2 months ago. But meanwhile even him has become somehow more
quiet... . Freiburg area is anyway one of the hottest spots in Germany
with typically very nice autumn weather and nice hours of sunshine
nearly every day.

Concerning the payment issue: We organizers are quite "privately
organized", we do not have a "money pot organisation" behind us - and
we wanted to have some nice evening come-together in a beer garden or
similar nice place in Freiburg where all is paid, and also free coffee
/ drinks during the breaks. So we decided to charge 60 EUR (reduced) /
120 EUR (regular) from every attendee, I hope ok.

Just please be sure, that we will NOT take money for organisation
work, this will be done from us by "Lua enthusiasm". Due to the place
at WARA school in Freiburg in foot distance to the central ICE railway
station with nice presentation hall, we have also minimum room costs
(we will give some donation to the WARA school and also to Furtwangen
University for their organisation support). We will just pay some
money to the student helpers during the workshop time, mainly also the
video students, so that we get hopefully nice presentation videos (of
course only for those presentations, where the presensters explicitly
agree to public video). If money will be left over, we will presumably
donate it to (we will discuss this with the Brazil people) -
we will for SURE not keep any money for our organisation work, please
feel sure concerning this.

So looking forward to October and welcome you all (after 80-100
attendees we would have to close the attendee list - more will not be
possible at this WARA place - I hope ok).

On Mon, May 30, 2022 at 3:44 PM Thijs Schreijer <> wrote:
> On 30 May 2022, at 14:44, Thijs Schreijer <> wrote:
> Yes, that would be nice.
> Considering that a new wave of COVID is expected this fall, earlier would be better? Just in case… late September maybe?