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Glu is a cross-platform GUI for running Lua scripts.  The app includes
a statically embedded Lua interpreter (v 5.4.3) as well as built-in
functions and modules that allow Lua programmers to create simple 2D
graphics and interactive games.

Glu is free, open source (MIT license) and runs on Windows/Mac/Linux.
Download links and screenshots can be found here:

The most important change in 0.6 is the ability to download scripts
from a curated collection.  This will be the preferred method for
making new scripts available in the coming months/years.  It allows
us to keep the size of the Glu distribution quite small and means
we don't have to release new versions as often.

Contributions to the collection are welcome, so if you have a script
you think other people would enjoy running then please send it to me.
I'm happy to help "Gluafy" an existing script.

Andrew (on behalf of the Glu Group)