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You can also see how it was implemented in and .

On 19/1/22 7:56, Flyer31 Test wrote:
But if you write you own extension for "special applications" - can
you not do this with meta-variables much nicer? (see e. g. Bit-Array
example in Programming in Lua of Roberto?). With Meta-Functions you
have quite many possibilities to add special apperators to such a new
user type? ... and for this you do NOT need to modify any basic Lua
code... .

On Tue, Jan 18, 2022 at 7:57 PM Patrick Kurth <> wrote:
On Tue, 2022-01-18 at 14:53 +0100, Flyer31 Test wrote:
Are you really sure that this is good idea?

Yes and no ;)

I am quite new to Lua, but I think at least for beginners, it is nice
and reasonable that Lua skips all these "typical C abbreviations" ++,
--, +=, -=, *=, ...  . Too many operators I think are not helpful,
especially not for a skript language which should be "learnt easily".

But I still did not see from your proposal, why you would use /- or
instead of -= or += ... doesn't this writing /- or /+ really look a
bit VERY strange?

Please read my question again, this is not about += and -=. It is not
intended for "regular" lua. There are a lot of projects (such as mine)
which embed their own lua interpreter and for some applications (such
as mine) a specialized version can make sense. For this, "easily
learnt" is not of importance.

... but changing all such Lua source files I think would be very
challenging ... if you would try this you should be a complete Lua
source code expert I think. (Also please consider, that if you modify
so many files by yourself, you very easily will run into problems
every new Lua version update..).
Well, I don't think it's too hard, I already started doing that, I was
just asking for pitfalls. And I'm not an expert in the lua source code,
hence the question ;)

Kind regards,