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>> • feat: utils.enum added to create enums and prevent magic strings #408
> I'd like to see an example of the intended use for it (yes, we do
> overuse magic strings, which is efficient because of interning in Lua)
> steve d.

Hi Steve,
From the documentation:

-- accessing at runtime

local obj = {}
obj.MOVEMENT = utils.enum("FORWARD", "REVERSE", "LEFT", "RIGHT")

if current_movement == obj.MOVEMENT.FORWARD then
  -- do something

elseif current_movement == obj.MOVEMENT.REVERES then
  -- throws error due to typo 'REVERES', so a silent mistake becomes a hard error:
  -- "'REVERES' is not a valid value (expected one of: 'FORWARD', 'REVERSE', 'LEFT', 'RIGHT')”


Hope that explains the use case.