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On Mon, Jan 10, 2022 at 5:53 PM Scott Morgan <> wrote:
> Never been convinced by JSON (and again, not much in the Lua ecosystem,
> when I looked), and there are a whole bunch of other options (Google
> released a nice looking and efficient binary format a while back[1]),
> but you end up with XKCD #927.

Yes, it's a crowded field. I note there's an uptodate Lua
implementation ( which looks
comprehensive. Altho yes, it is easier to interoperate in text (the
big win with protobufs is when there's a strongly-typed language
involved, and ... optimization. 'Beware of premature optimization'

> Personally, interoperability is the main need, and XML wins out there,
> with JSON coming a close second.

So maybe there's room for an informal, half-ass easily available XML
parser. But it does stick out in PL, which is otherwise general
purpose stuff to manipulate Lua data.

steve d.