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On Mon, 10 Jan 2022 at 12:53, Xmilia Hermit <> wrote:
> Francisco Olarte wrote:
> > It is, a show stopper for me. Thanks.
> I did think a bit more about this problem. It could be solved by a
> second "stack". This stack would need to be implemented by a linked list

It could work, but it puts an undue amount of complexity, which drives
it out of what I feel is a manageable change. Couple that with only
being useful in 64 bits and its probably better to send it back to the
drawing board. My main curiosity was I thought it may gain performance
in my code which is full of ~12 byte strings.

The stack problem slid through my reading because I never call lua
after a getstring() before copying the data elsewhere if I need it.

   Francisco Olarte.