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As a personal project I'm investigating in using something similar to
FBString SSO for 64 bit lua.
( Small String Optimization, FBString style, using 16byte Tvalues as a
union like know but putting type code last, reserving 00-0xF for short
strings, coding 15-length ( so 00 serves double duty as string
terminator ) and zero-padding strings for unique representations ).

I've looked around googled a bit for prior art, but the moment G sees
"lua"+"optimization" it swamps me, and if I add "string" it gets a
fixation with the join-a-table optimization for building strings, so
I've found nothing.

Before coding more, does anybody know of something I should read
before, prior attempts at similar things or fundamental roadblocks I'm
going to hit?

( I know small strings are cached, I want to test it more for speed
than for space, as I say, 64 bit only )

Francisco Olarte.