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I had never experienced (or, more precisely, had never noticed) the ‘v ~= nil’ problem but I have updated anyway. 

(I don’t use the lpeg code so the above edit, plus your version number and copyright date, were my only changes :-)

> On 19 Dec 2021, at 12:38, David Kolf <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have released dkjson version 2.6.
> <>
> dkjson is a module for encoding and decoding JSON data. It supports UTF-8.
> JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a format for serializing data based
> on the syntax for JavaScript data structures.
> dkjson is written in Lua without any dependencies, but
> when LPeg is available dkjson can use it to speed up decoding.
> Changes since version 2.5:
> - The decode function is no longer automatically replaced by the version
>  implemented using LPeg, but an LPeg-enabled copy of the module has to
>  be requested explicitly with the function use_lpeg.
>  This was changed to improve the predictability of the code and make
>  audits more reliable.
> - The LPeg-version of the decode function now reports unterminated
>  strings, arrays and objects with the position where they started
>  rather than where parsing failed which was usually at the end of the
>  input string.  This was already the behavior of the
>  pure-Lua-implementation.
> - Fixed a bug where entries in a dictionary were not put in the desired
>  order when their value was the boolean false.
> Best regards,
> David Kolf