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I have released dkjson version 2.6.


dkjson is a module for encoding and decoding JSON data. It supports UTF-8.

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a format for serializing data based
on the syntax for JavaScript data structures.

dkjson is written in Lua without any dependencies, but
when LPeg is available dkjson can use it to speed up decoding.

Changes since version 2.5:

- The decode function is no longer automatically replaced by the version
  implemented using LPeg, but an LPeg-enabled copy of the module has to
  be requested explicitly with the function use_lpeg.
  This was changed to improve the predictability of the code and make
  audits more reliable.
- The LPeg-version of the decode function now reports unterminated
  strings, arrays and objects with the position where they started
  rather than where parsing failed which was usually at the end of the
  input string.  This was already the behavior of the
- Fixed a bug where entries in a dictionary were not put in the desired
  order when their value was the boolean false.

Best regards,

David Kolf