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As I reported 1 week ago I just introduced such an indexing scheme for
my metatable driven "string buffers" .. (report "RAM restricted
Lua")... but please do not kill me... I anyway use index range 1... n
for my string indices (as normal in Lua) and NOT 0...n-1 ... . I think
for programming beginners (and also for other reasons... ), this
indexing 1... in Lua is very nice and useful... .

On Sun, Nov 14, 2021 at 11:17 PM Steven Degutis <> wrote:
> Hello Lua community and Lua team,
> It’s true this would be breaking, but Lua has traditionally not been afraid of breaking backwards compatibility in some important things, even in 5.x versions. Since this is a bigger jump, I’m recommending it for Lua 6.