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Glu is a cross-platform GUI for running Lua scripts.  The app includes
a statically embedded Lua interpreter (v 5.4.3) as well as built-in
functions and modules that allow Lua programmers to create everything
from simple 2D graphics to interactive applications.

Glu is free, open source (MIT license) and runs on Windows/Mac/Linux.
Download links and screenshots can be found here:

Main changes in this release:

* Fixed a bug that caused Glu to crash on macOS Big Sur.
(Much thanks to Chris Smith for helping to track down this bug.)

* Fixed a problem with SlidingBlocks.lua not loading KnuthSolver.lua
if LUA_PATH is set.

* Added organ.lua to the Samples folder.  Shows how to use the
glu.sound function to play organ/piano notes.

* The glu.getevent function now accepts an optional value
specifying the number of milliseconds Glu will sleep if the
event queue is empty (ie. the returned event string is empty).
If no value is supplied then the sleep time is 5 milliseconds.

Andrew (on behalf of the Glu Group)