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On Wed, 2021-11-10 at 11:56 +0100, Flyer31 Test wrote:
> But combining your question with performance issues from the beginning
> is also I think too hard for a "start point"... better start first
> with simple examples (but the task must be very clear then..), then
> get this working, and then try to optimize this further if you
> want/can/do ... (but do not forget Roberto's two very smart base rules
> in from the Lua Gem's book concerning optimization: Rule no. 1: Don't
> do it, and Rule No. 2: Still don't do it :) ).

Apparently I was not clear enough :) I already have a well working
system/application [1], where I want to improve performance and add
some functionality in C. So this is not a planning problem at the
beginning of something, I'm already in the middle of it.