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Spar <> 于2021年11月5日周五 下午5:35写道:
> The way lua values are made in C is best for dynamic typing. No matter if it's a number or a table, they allocate the same size in memory with type info.
> Making it space efficient still needs metadata for the content and type checking. And maybe it won't be even performing because of that. LuaJIT has similar thing: ffi C definitions. But it's advantage is JIT compilation which makes the access to the structure in the most efficient way.

The way I mentioned for the tuple is dynamic typing, too. The
limitation is not changing types after creating.

The type info of tuples will store in a separating string object that
can be shared by short string intern mechanism, and the values can be
packed into a continuous memory  (4 or 8 bytes per value without type
byte) .