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Kaz wrote:

Most of the app’s source files are Lua files, but one is .c. The file written in C has a bunch of “#include” statements like #include “iup.h” and it contains some global variables. The actual app code, beyond setting up includes and some globals, is in the Lua files.

I’ve since downloaded and installed the .h header files for Lua 5.1 (the app uses this version and the code uses “getn” a lot, which was depreciated in later versions of Lua), IUP, CD, and IM like in the Makefile included in the app’s source files, added the “include” and “Lua51” directories to the “path” section of Environment Variables, but VSCode still can’t find them.

Which "Environment Variables"? Why not create/edit '%C_INCLUDE_PATH'
and/or '%CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH' to point to "iup.h" etc.

VScode should be able to search along such an env-variables
(like it should for %INCLUDE).