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Dear Lua Mailing List,

I’ve been (poorly) maintaining LuaSQLite3 aka lsqlite3 since taking over from Tiago Dionizio in 2007. Now that I’m retiring from the workplace, and no longer using Lua or Sqlite regularly, it would be great if someone was willing to step up and take over the job.

The code is maintained on, hosting generously provide by D. Richard Hipp (creator of sqlite), using his fossil tool. I don’t think continuing to use that tool and site is necessary, e.g., if you are more comfortable on github, but I’ve always appreciated the association with sqlite. Fossil is also a nice tool in its own right! There is also a LuaRocks rockspec that is hosted on that integrates seamlessly with the fossil tooling. It has 271k downloads, so I’m hoping there’s someone out there that’s still interested!

The companion lsqlite3complete rockspec has many fewer downloads, but that may simply be because it has not kept up to date with sqlite3 versions.

This could be a very small time investment, as it’s been for me, or more if you are inclined to promote lsqlite3. There are a few open issues in the Tickets tab, mostly feature requests that I have back-burnered. Most of my time invested into lsqlite3 has been adding sqlite features that I think are valuable, or maintaining compatibility as Lua evolves. This has been just a few hours a year.

Please contact me on or off list to discuss this if you’re interested.