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I've tried Penlight 1.10.0.
But, Penlight 1.10.0 fails tests on Lua 5.4.3.

# How to reproduce 

cd /tmp
git clone --depth 1 -b 1.10.0
cd Penlight/
lua -v; lua run.lua tests

And I've got.
Lua 5.4.3  Copyright (C) 1994-2021, PUC-Rio
Running files in tests
Running tests/test-__vector.lua
Running tests/test-app.lua
Running tests/test-class.lua
Running tests/test-class2.lua
Running tests/test-class3.lua
Running tests/test-class4.lua
Running tests/test-compat.lua
Running tests/test-comprehension.lua
Running tests/test-config.lua
Running tests/test-data.lua
Running tests/test-data2.lua
Running tests/test-date.lua
Running tests/test-dir.lua
Running tests/test-func.lua
Running tests/test-import_into.lua
Lua 5.4
mod52.lua:21: assertion failed
got:    "/tmp/Penlight/tests/lua/mod52.lua:22: global 'print' is not callable (a nil value)"
needed: "attempt to call a nil value"
these errors did not match
Running tests/test-import_into.lua failed with code 1