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Hi Ruki,
thank you, this looks nice.

I would be interested in such a lua interface which could be used for "basic window / grahpics UI"  programming in Windows and Android (so this then would require two UI applications in Android and Windows, which could be scripted by a Lua script, the same Lua script should work as well for the Android as for the Windows software...).

Do you know something like this or would you plan to pimp your UI interface up to include Windows and/or Android?

On Wed, Apr 14, 2021 at 7:14 AM Ruki Wang <> wrote:
Dear Lua community,

xmake is a lightweight cross-platform build utility based on Lua. It uses xmake.lua to maintain project builds. Compared with makefile/CMakeLists.txt, the configuration syntax is more concise and intuitive. It is very friendly to novices and can quickly get started in a short time. Let users focus more on actual project development.

It can compile the project directly like Make/Ninja, or generate project files like CMake/Meson, and it also has a built-in package management system to help users solve the integrated use of C/C++ dependent libraries.

Please visit the project home page for more info: