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it seems that yielding in a close call when the variable is closed by a vararg return can mess up the number of arguments returned since after the yield the OP_RETURN is executed again, however, it changed L->top to ci->top before the close call and so after the yield in the second execution of OP_RETURN n = cast_int(L->top - ra); will result in a different n. The following script shows this problem (compare the output for BUG = true vs false):

local BUG = true

local function test()
    local x <close> = setmetatable({}, {
        __close = function()
            if BUG then coroutine.yield() end
    if not BUG then coroutine.yield() end
    return print("Return")

local c = coroutine.wrap(test)

The following lines of code seem to be the cause: (Repeat OP_RETURN instruction after yield) (Change top before yield but not reset) (Wrong calculation of n after yield)