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Some of the lua error messages are different between the 5.4.2 and the
5.4.3 releases. This breaks the Vim lua tests (as it checks for specific
lua error messages) as reported in the following bug report:

Some lua tests fail with lua 5.4 · Issue #8042 · vim/vim

The Vim lua test script uses the _VERSION variable to get the Lua version
and checks for specific error messages based on the Lua version.
But this variable contains only the major and minor Lua version numbers.
So this check fails to differentiate between the 5.4.2 and the 5.4.3 versions.

Running the "lua -v" command displays the major, minor and release version
numbers. But using this command from the Vim test script may give the
incorrect Lua version number, because the lua version in the PATH may
be different from the Lua version Vim is linked against or in some cases
the Lua executable may not be present in the PATH.

To address this correctly, we will need to add a new global variable 
called _RELEASE that contains the major, minor and the release 
version numbers.

I am attaching a patch to add this global variable.


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