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Dear Lua Lover

The video linked below was produced by Department of Computer Science at PUC and the Alumni Association/Endowment.

One of its modules is dedicated to the Lua Programming Language, which is presented with one of the main Department´s achievements.

You will be able to watch Prof. Roberto Ierusalimschy, recorded by the prestigious magazine COMMUNICATONS OF THE ACM

University Greetings

Fernando Jefferson
PUC-Depto de Informática - Allis Project
PUC-Endowment - Director of IT and Organizational Intelligence
Cel: +55 21 99763-2135

=== This video is spoken in Portuguese and English, with subtitles in both languages ===

The world is not changing ...
The world has already changed!
And in an accelerated way recently.
To face the new challenges, we will see the importance of new digital technologies and the approximation between Computer Sciences and Social, Human, Biological and Health Sciences, through multidisciplinary projects.