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It was thus said that the Great Andrew Gierth once stated:
> >>>>> "Viacheslav" == Viacheslav Usov <> writes:
>  >> And indeed, what you do to the stack in the deentify / deentifyn
>  >> functions is a classic example of violating the luaL_Buffer protocol
>  >> - you're assuming you can push something, do an addstring, and then
>  >> pop the thing that you pushed - but this is explicitly forbidden,
>  >> since addstring is allowed to push new entries on the stack.
>  Viacheslav> Is this the same thing as in
>  Viacheslav>
> Seems so.

  It was.  Philipp Janda replied directly to me (late last night/very early
this morning) pointing out the issue and when I made the appropriate change
(to use luaL_addvalue()) the crash went away.

  Thank you Philipp, Andrew and Usov for your help.  I was too close to the
code to see the problem (and completely forgot about the stack balance when
using a luaL_Buffer).