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>>>>> "Ricky" == Ricky Wu <> writes:

 Ricky> /usr/local/share/vis/vis.lua:108: error loading module 'lpeg' from file
 Ricky> '/usr/local/lib/lua/5.4/':
 Ricky> /usr/local/lib/lua/5.4/ undefined symbol: lua_gettop

 Ricky> undefined symbol: lua_gettop

 Ricky> Centos:7
 Ricky> Lua:5.4
 Ricky> Luarocks:3.0.4
 Ricky> Lpeg:1.0.2
 Ricky> vis:0.6

 Ricky> Where is the problem? Vis editor author think it's LPeg and Lua
 Ricky> problem not the editor, but I have no idea.

vis is the actual executable here? what command was used to link the vis
executable? what is the output of these commands (fill in the path for
the vis executable as needed):

nm -D vis
ldd vis
ldd /usr/local/lib/lua/5.4/

If vis was linked against a static lua library and someone forgot the
-Wl,--export-dynamic (or equivalent), that would explain this problem.