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> I am aware of that sections of the test's documentation, but I still
> think it is valuable to know, if someone else is also seeing the same
> error. Especially as there is no information of the used platform,
> compiler, compiler versions, architecture etc. the releases are
> verified against. Maybe a readme including that information in the
> test suite would be good.

Maybe you are aware, but read that again:

  The test suite is not a product; it is just a tool for our internal
  use. It is available here by popular demand BUT WE CANNOT GIVE ANY

(emphasis added.)

Adding that kind of information goes directly against our position, and
the warning is there exactly to avoid this kind of discussion.  If the
tests are going to add more workload to us, it will be easier to just
remove them and put some vanilla tests back, so people are happy to
see the tests passing.

> However, the specific reason I asked is, that I never had issues
> running the full tests suite (even using testC) in bash on Linux
> (except for an encoding error in files.lua, but there I actively made
> an undesired change).

If you want to help, get some time and try to find what is going on:
Why the test is failing, whether this is a real bug, whether maybe your
shell does not behave as the test expect, etc.  Unfortunately, just
saying "the test failed" has a very low signal-to-noise ratio.

-- Roberto