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>>>>> "Dibyendu" == Dibyendu Majumdar <> writes:

 >> PostgreSQL is very good at it, to give just one example.

 Dibyendu> This is becoming OT so maybe we should take it offline. I am
 Dibyendu> curious though.

Hi, PostgreSQL committer here, please don't try and explain "database
systems" to me.

 Dibyendu> Database systems tend to pre-allocate essential memory they
 Dibyendu> need. As long as the DBMS can rollback to a consistent state
 Dibyendu> it doesn't really care about failure in a stored proc if that
 Dibyendu> is what you are referring to.

That is nothing at all what I am referring to. I'm referring to the
database engine getting a malloc failure at some arbitrary point in the
backend, which could be at any point during query parsing, planning, or
execution, and recovering from it with nothing worse than an "out of
memory" error returned to the client. (In particular, no disconnection
of clients, no processes exiting, no forced recovery of the db.) The
only pre-allocation of memory is a small reserve for error handling