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Sergey Zakharchenko <>:
> > [-rc5 crash on memory allocation failure]
> >
> > Minor data point: the current '#336/post-#357' crash is invariant to
> > sizes of strings, including making them too long to be interned
> In fact, making all strings the same or dropping them entirely doesn't
> seem to change the location and nature of this particular crash.

I know you're tired of my messages, but behold the ultimate test case
for this particular (no longer sure it's one and the same bug
throughout this thread):

$ ./lua /dev/null
[expected fprintf noise, but completes successfully as expected for an
empty file]

$ LUA_FAIL_ALLOC_AT=336 ./lua /dev/null
[misc output]
./lua: /dev/null:-32: attempt to index a nil value

NB: to compare, in interactive mode, appearance of matches allocation
#332, and appearance of the prompt matches #333.

00000332 0x55e4939bef20 25 (nil) 0
Lua 5.4.0  Copyright (C) 1994-2020, PUC-Rio
00000333 (nil) 4 0x55e4939bef20 32

Best regards,