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>>>>> "Sergey" == Sergey Zakharchenko <> writes:

 Sergey> Hello list,
 Sergey> I've been tracking down an issue with crashes on low memory
 Sergey> lately, without much success, but seems like I have a more or
 Sergey> less reproducible case now. Lua 5.4.0-rc5 with the attached
 Sergey> patch (rather small, intended to dump l_alloc invocations and
 Sergey> fail exactly one of them) when run on the attached test script
 Sergey> on x86-64 Linux causes a segmentation fault during l_alloc
 Sergey> invocation #1809 (long after the #345 which is patched to
 Sergey> fail).

I couldn't reproduce this on freebsd, even with malloc debugging options

Can you get a backtrace of where your allocation #345 is happening? This
should be easy by running it under gdb, setting a breakpoint on your
failed = 1; line, and then getting a backtrace when it stops on that?
(Then, of course, let it continue and verify it crashes in the expected