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On Sun, Apr 19, 2020 at 22:11:03 -0400, Kenneth Lorber wrote:
> > Are you struggling as a result of the lack of numbering?  (i.e. is it
> > an accessibility issue, or merely just a jarring change)
> It does make it significantly harder to find a particular message from the
> table of contents.  If not numbering, perhaps there is an option to make the
> break between messages more noticeable?

Okay so that's some feedback I can take to mailman's developers.

> There's something odd happening with email that (I'm guessing) shows up
> as multipart, with all of the parts ending up in the digest.

I'm not sure about that, I'd be grateful if you could forward to me (as an
attachment itself) a digest so I can pick it apart and take a good look.

> Also, see the amusing "Subject: Digest Footer" I've left in below.

Thank you for that.

> (Thanks for your efforts on the migration.  I know how unappreciated
> it can be.)

You're very welcome.


> > Subject: Digest Footer
> > 
> > _______________________________________________
> > lua-l mailing list --
> > To unsubscribe send an email to
> > %(web_page_url)slistinfo%(cgiext)s/%(_internal_name)s

Oh my, that's not very good is it?  It looks like a mailman2 footer
so perhaps it's a case of the footer text being set in the list config
and not converting nicely to mailman3?  I guess this bit is one for lhf?


Daniel Silverstone               
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