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To make lua even a bit nicer for beginners, and to support nice lib
documentation, I think it would be very nice if lua in some future
optionally could support some function like Phyton help() in some future

In fact, if you switch between different versions / different lib versions,
such a help command is also quite valuable for more experienced users I
think - it is just somehow very "handy".

To do this efficiently for RISC controllers (like e. g. ARM Cortex-M which
are very popular for IoT applications), it would be nice if it can be
switched on / off easily by some define in luaconf.h.

Further of course it would be nice then, that such large static text strings
(as the help explanation texts) would be defined as "const" - thus then the
C compiler would place them in ROM (RISC controllers have separate ROM and
RAM usually, and usually muchr more ROM than RAM ... so it is important to
minimize the RAM usage...).

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