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On Wed, 18 Dec 2019 at 13:42, Gavin Holt <> wrote:
> Q2. Is there any movement to maintain a distribution of pre-compiled libraries? Perhaps like LuaPower ( or better the comprehensive IUP distribution maintained by Antonio Scuri (

Depending on your definition of "movement", I maintain my own Windows
binaries of Lua and a bunch of third party libraries, mostly for
myself and the rare occasion when I need a colleague to run some of my

There's a 32-bit build of 5.3, as that seems to be what you need. It
is however patched a bit, so I can't vouch for the compatibility of
the binary modules with another separately built Lua DLL.

Feel free to pilfer it however you see fit. And I'm open to requests
for additions, in particular features in my own libraries.