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Hi Phillipe,
thank you for your answer.

So you mean IEEE float numbers, you want to have even more there? So which
ones exactly?

Just please understand that it does not make too much sense to support IEEE
numbers, which are NOT supported by the lua_number type ... and I think it
is wise of lua to concentrate thus on the "ANSI C" types. Just for
reasonable future compatibilty, I would recommend to add "long double /
float128", as this is included already in ANSI C (though of course not yet
available on LUA_32BITS / LUA_64BITS), and a special wish for greedy "small
string optimizers" like for "short packing control applications", I have
this additional wish for "r"="float16" (but you could skip this, I would not
get a nerve attack then ...).

With codec's I assume you mean something like JPEG or even MP3 compression /
decompression ... but this to my opinione really should is FAR behind any
intrinsic support in LUA ... if you want to do this you really need to
define a special "compressstring" function in you private C code ... and you
can do this if you want. JPEG or MP3 compression assumes the bit set of all
pixels of a picture is a giantic vector of 1M, or 10M bits, depending on
your image resolution, and then does some nice linear algebra with this
vector. But this you for sure can NOT do in some small C code ... this would
really be something REALLY big, needing for sure several 10-100kBytes of
code..., this needs to be EXTREMELY speed optimized, if it should run
reasonably fast, in any case I think this usually is also done fairly
platform-DEPENDENT (not independent, as lua...).

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