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Daurnimator wrote:
>> 1. If there is suitable project site, with an issue tracker, please "TELL ME

Thanks for that... Real World issues, plus VM/Distro/other distractions,
plus "OS-supplied-LuaRocks versus self-installed-LuaRocks" issues, all
conspired against me.

Just in case others are interested, the "show" command lists the
specified rock's home page:

        $ luarocks show luasec

        LuaSec 0.8.1-1 - A binding for OpenSSL library to provide TLS/SSL communication over LuaSocket.

        This version delegates to LuaSocket the TCP connection establishment between
        the client and server. Then LuaSec uses this connection to start a secure
        TLS/SSL session.

        License:          MIT
        Installed in:     /usr/local


Thanks to Daurnimator for putting me straight.


s-b etc.